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Workforce Development Centre

The aim of the Workforce Development Centre (WDC)  is to increase participation in the workforce; particularly among the under-employed, disengaged and under-represented groups in the community. The WDCs mission is to assist individuals of any age and at any point…


Wunan Chairman Ian trust explains “Swimming the River”

“Swimming the River” is how Wunan Chairman Ian Trust explains the key issues facing Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley. The diagram depicts the impact of European settlement, failure of many Aboriginal people to adapt to the changing environment and…

Living Change

Wunan House praised for the difference it makes to young lives

Extract from email to Wunan House confirming reservation:- “Your flexibility, support and patience regarding this young person is much appreciated. Your compassion and willingness to give this client a further opportunity at Wunan is a credit to you. I am heartened by…

Accommodation & Housing


Wunan is an Aboriginal development organisation in the East Kimberley, with a clear purpose of driving long-term socio-economic change for Aboriginal people; by providing real opportunities, investing in people’s abilities, and encouraging self-responsibility. Wunan is seeking applications from Aboriginal people…

Foundations Wunan

Good News Story – Partnership Successes in the East & West

In the East Kimberley the  OpportunityChallengeResilienceEffort project continues to be a great success. The OChRE Project is a responsibility program that allows young people to have positive life experiences, enables personal success and contributes positively to the social fabric of…

Education Employment

Support for Living Change

Carolyn McAdam lives in Halls Creek and is the Manager of Kimberley Language Resource Centre and Chair of Jungarni Jutiya.  Carolyn has the following to say about Living Change and the difference she believes it will make to the lives…

Living Change