Workforce Development Centre

10 December 2013

The aim of the Workforce Development Centre (WDC)  is to increase participation in the workforce; particularly among the under-employed, disengaged and under-represented groups in the community. The WDCs mission is to assist individuals of any age and at any point throughout their lives to make more informed educational, training and occupation choices and to manage their careers.

Within the Kimberley region, Wunan have 2 Workforce Development Centres located in Broome and Kununurra. Wunan Career advisors are formally trained in career development and all have vast coaching and mentoring experience along with life and industry skills to develop the knowledge and skills of their clients which will equip them to manage their lives, learning and work in an ever changing labour market.

A notable success for WDC this year has been the mentoring of a 51year old Aboriginal male client with many barriers to cross in regards to gaining rewarding employment. These barriers included the lack of work history, minimal computer skills, low literacy and numeracy and lack of a drivers licence. He was very interested in working in community services but felt he didn’t have the skills. WDC conducted intensive career counselling striving to build a positive self concept while looking at career pathways and training needs. He completed Certificate III in Community Services in January and also obtained his driver’s licence. With the support and encouragement from the WDC team he began to apply for several jobs and was successful in securing full time employment with Boab Health in the Closing the Gap team as an Aboriginal Outreach worker. He is extremely happy and enjoying his new role. His self image has changed dramatically and he has become more health conscious riding his bike to work trying to lose weight. His attitude and well being has improved and he is very motivated to learn new skills.

Topic: Employment