Good News Story – Partnership Successes in the East & West

30 September 2013

In the East Kimberley the  OpportunityChallengeResilienceEffort project continues to be a great success. The OChRE Project is a responsibility program that allows young people to have positive life experiences, enables personal success and contributes positively to the social fabric of the community.

The OChRE Project’s two non-mutually exclusive pathways are:

•             The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program – DoE: an internationally recognised Award for effort based program

•             Springboards to Work –a work experience program.

To date, 3 students have completed 20 weeks work experience in the OChRE Springboards to Work pathway, with some outstanding personal goals achieved in their areas of interest engineering, hairdressing and journalism.

The program also has 4 other participants who are currently participating in work experience programs through which they are learning new skills whilst at the same time, developing strong work ethics and behaviours.

There are currently 5 Duke of Edinburgh participants completing their Gold and Bronze Awards. They are all achieving personal goals in their sporting pursuits, learning great new skills and completing very some rewarding community volunteer hours.

In the West Kimberley, a mentoring program assists young people attending boarding school outside the region, transition successfully into further study or employment. This was established to address the low success rate of those returning home after school completion.

Topic: Education, Employment