Stable housing and a secure financial future

Wunan sees housing as a key part of the socio-economic equation for Aboriginal people. Wunan housing provides alternatives that assist people to support themselves by creating a clear, affordable and viable pathway as they move from welfare to a working future.

Home ownership is a major life goal for an individual who has ‘climbed the hill’ out of poverty. A house is more than just a roof over one’s head – it provides security, a safe place for a family and a place of rest. Wunan strongly believes that a stable household can define an individual’s journey towards success by providing a supportive environment and essential amenities.

Wunan delivers a number of services that help individuals attain the goal of owning their own home via financial management support, employment pathways and mentorship.

Wunan Financial Well-Being Hub – Kununurra and Wyndham

The Wunan Financial Well-Being hub connects qualified financial counsellors with people in financial difficulty. The services are aimed at supporting clients to overcome financial problems, make better informed choices and to reach long-term financial security. In addition to one-on-one support, the Wunan Financial and Well-Being Hub also runs community workshops to promote financial literacy as well as emergency relief for those in dire financial crisis.

The Wunan Financial Well- Being Hub also supports inmates at the Wyndham Work Camp through the Better Money Management project. Inmates will have financial support to enhance their financial position post-release via debt consolidation, accessing eligible financial products and developing a personal budget and savings plan for their future.

Pathways to Home Ownership

Wunan’s Pathways to Home Ownership Program caters to Indigenous people looking to purchase or build their own home. The Indigenous Home Ownership Education (IHOME) package, designed by DSS and Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), is provided in conjunction with financial literacy education to improve financial capacity and encourage greater self-reliance, assisting people to build assets, develop savings and commence on the pathway to financial inclusion. The Pathways to Home Ownership Program has successfully assisted clients in Wyndham, Kununurra and Halls Creek purchase their own homes.

The Pathways to Home Ownership Project supports Aboriginal people with the willingness, desire and partial capacity to purchase a home with the additional support they need to complete the process and realise their dreams.