Support for Living Change

30 September 2013

Carolyn McAdam lives in Halls Creek and is the Manager of Kimberley Language Resource Centre and Chair of Jungarni Jutiya.  Carolyn has the following to say about Living Change and the difference she believes it will make to the lives of Indigenous people.

“What I look forward to with Living Change is more accountability at every level of community, whether you are a service provider, an individual or a family.

It is not okay for things to continue the way that they have been, where more and more of our young people are choosing to end their life rather than live it.

I see families suffering and no one supporting them to change the way their life is going. I believe the Living Change Panel will be able to help families who need more intensive, ongoing support.

The panel will also make both government and NGO service providers more accountable on how they deliver their service and ensure that people who need help get it.

The local Aboriginal people of Halls Creek have the opportunity to  play an active role in  Living Change by being part of the Panel.  If you don’t want to sit on the panel, you can have your say on who you would like on the Panel.

Living Change will be challenging, there is no doubt about it, but that should not stop us from doing something proactive to change things, we cannot just let things continue the way they are. Our children deserve better.”

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