Wunan seeks funding for the Dural Education Excellence Program

28 March 2012

This unique program is providing an opportunity for young people from the remote Western Australian town of Halls Creek to access quality education within a supported and familiar boarding environment.

This wonderful initiative is a partnership between Dural Baptist Church, William Clarke College, Pacific Hills Christian School, Wunan, Halls Creek District High School, and brings together two very different towns Halls Creek in Western Australia and Dural Sydney NSW.

The Dural Education Excellence Program” (DEEP) is different from other boarding and educational options available to young people in that it is built on the knowledge that Aboriginal students need to feel connected to home and culture to do well when away from the Kimberley. It also acknowledges the extra support, both educational and emotional that is required to ensure young people have the capacity and ability to live away from community and family. To this end Halls Creek family, Jamie and Tracey Elliot, anchor the program as house parents for the 11 students currently enrolled, in a boarding facility close to the schools.

The CEO of Wunan Nick Thomas said “this program is particularly focused on those young people that want to learn and create opportunity for themselves; it’s not necessarily about students with high academic ability.” He adds “while their parents may not have the means to provide the necessary funds, their support is nonetheless critical to the success of these kids. The Dural Education Excellence Program is giving those young people and their families a real chance of achieving their dreams and aspirations.”

Wunan is currently underwriting the $22,000 per child needed to participate in the program and is seeking sponsorship to assist. If you are keen to know more about the program or interested in being involved please contact Wunan.

Topic: Education