Wunan makes donation to Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation ‘Wall of Hands’

3 February 2012
Wunan has just put its hand up and through Generation One supported the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) ‘Wall of Hands’ Campaign by donating $500.

Wunan’s home is the East Kimberley where the percentage of people aged 15+ who have completed secondary school to year 12 is Non-Indigenous students 39.2% compared to Indigenous students 7.2%.

Importantly, education forms a key part of a broader strategy to create opportunities and the environment that allows Aboriginal people to build a future free of disadvantage.

Wunan’s education portfolio creates innovative opportunities for young Aboriginal people by developing strategies, networks and partnerships that improve education outcomes and enhance successful transitions for young Aboriginal people.

Topic: Education, Foundations, Living Change