Wunan employees gather together for WUNAN DAY

28 March 2013

Thursday 7 March 2013, all Wunan employees gathered together for  WUNAN DAY. The intention of WUNAN DAY was to provide an opportunity for everyone to get on the same page. Strategic Managers provided updates in our five priority areas:-  Education, Employment, Accommodation/Housing, Living Change and Foundations.

WUNAN DAY was about encouraging open dialog about what’s happening, airing any issues that people may want to raise and essentially having a general bonding session.

WUNAN DAY was followed by a BBQ dinner where Olive Knights’ guitar playing created an atmosphere of ‘family’.

Wunan is a team of dedicated and passionate people who individually bring a diverse range of experience to a team joined together to ensure that Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley enjoy the capabilities and opportunities necessary to make positive choices that lead to independent and fulfilling lives.  Essentially, to have dreams and a real chance of achieving them

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