A Job For Joanne: Workforce Development Centre success story

6 December 2011

When Joanne first came to the Workforce Development Centre she was asking for help with her resume. After chatting with a Careers Advisor it was clear that what Joanne wanted was get an office job so that she didn’t have to spend her entire working day on her feet. There have been some pretty significant changes to the office environment over the last 60 years and Joanne recognised that to change the direction of her career she would need to up date her qualifications. She took advantage of the Workforce Development Centre’s Profit From Experience Funding (PFE) and after speaking with staff at Kimberley TAFE (now Kimberley Institute of Technology) she was able to use the PFE funding to pay for her enrollment in two units from the Cert II Business. Over the next five months WDC staff were inspired to witness Joanne’s methodical and tireless progress through these units as she would regularly use the office computers to work through MS Word and Excel text books. After seeking out work experience, five months from walking through the door Joanne was offered a fully air-conditioned office job and is now enjoying the rewards of her hard work.

Topic: Employment