The sort of stuff you learn when you get home from school – Bronson from Burraluba Hostel Halls Creek tells us.

26 March 2012


My name is Bronson Duinker. I am eight years old, me and my family are locals at Halls Creek and live out at Burraluba Yura Ngurra, the workers hostel on Duncan Road.

We love the bush life, looking for bush tucker, hunting goanna and bush turkey, fishing and swimming.

 My mother Jane Gunn holds one of the female boders.

And my big sister, Shilleen Gunn,  she holds the other female boder.

How many female boders does that make?

My big brother, Willum Duinker holds the big male and a female boder.

Can you see the female?

How did we get our boders?

One day after school on our way back home, we went looking for boders in a trucking yard. We looked under antpits, rocks and in holes where they like to live. We found three boders – one male and two females. So we took them back to the Workers Hostel where we live and showed them to Aunty Colleen. She took pictures of us holding the boders.

Afterwards, we let them go in the grounds at the hostel where they made their homes under rocks and antpits.

They love eating small moths, ants and other small insects. We see them often when going to school on sitting rocks out in the sun. I think they must like it here.

‘Ha,ha,ha did you think it was a boder?’

She is our pet goanna, Alma. Uncle Robert named her…or is it him??

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