Staff Spotlight: Nathan Leitch

29 September 2016

Nathan works as a Research and Evaluation Consultant with Wunan-owned research and evaluation company, Social Compass. He brings community understanding and advocacy to various projects undertaken by the firm.

Nathan says he is ‘honoured and humbled’ to be able to work with so many Aboriginal people and communities and translate their needs into innovative strategies.

He is a Quandamooka Traditional Owner and his Country extends across Moreton Bay and Stradbroke and Moreton Islands in Queensland.

Nathan has worked in a range of jobs, but he says one of the most memorable was when he was a House Parent at Worawa Aboriginal College in Victoria.

“That was a crazy time! We were caring for 50 Aboriginal teenagers, which kept us all pretty busy,” says Nathan.

Around two and a half years ago, Nathan quit alcohol and says it was a decision that changed his life.

“Once I found my health, I found my happiness. And I am now in control of myself and a much more capable man,” he says.

At some point, Nathan says he will go back home and build a house on his block of land in Queensland, but for the time being he is committed to continuing to fight for the rights of Aboriginal people.

“I haven’t earned it yet. I’m only 31 years old, so I still have some running to do with this torch that previous generations have handed me.”

Topic: Wunan