14 December 2018

Broome JSC and RTO Progressive Training – SEE Program (Skills for Education and Employment) worked together over a two-week period, hosting six workshops focussed on employability skills.

The workshops covered topics such as job interests, information about the local labour market, and using online job sites (eg Seek) and social media as a way to find job opportunities. Participants completed their own resumes and cover letters, selected a business in town they would like to apply for a position in and then worked on commonly asked interview questions and took part in mock interviews.

The Clontarf Academy from Broome Senior High School came to meet the Wunan Career Advisors at the NRTAFE campus, where the JSC is located. The Career Advisors spoke to the group about their roles, the services and support they provide.  A tour was then conducted around the Campus, where the majority of the Clontarf boys seem excited about the Automotive and Carpentry areas as the lecturers explained what was available and the opportunity to be able to work towards gaining an Apprenticeship. By the end of the tour most students had an understanding of VET subjects and what adult learning involves. Wunan has built a great relationship with the Clontarf Academy and looks forward to working with their students again in 2019.

Topic: Employment