Indigenous Advancement Strategy

8 December 2014

The Commonwealth Government has consolidated all Indigenous programs into 5 areas of strategic priority, and recently opened a funding round for applications for programs commencing in 2015.

Wunan submitted 7 requests; for programs aligned to both Government objectives and our own strategy for reform. Some were to continue current programs that are delivering results while threatened with closure due to short term funding cycles.
Other new initiatives were proposed that will support long term change and improved outcomes for Aboriginal people. An evaluation mechanism was proposed for each funding application, recognising that measurable impact is essential; not only in the context of value for money, but also to ensure programs are actually delivering the outcomes intended. Wunan does not subscribe to the continued layering on of passive service delivery, and thus expects to be accountable for creating sustainable outcomes.

Funding applied for under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy was as follows:

  • Halls Creek Child and Family Centre – encouraging early childhood development and family support
  • School To Work Transition –  addressing  poor outcomes in school attainment and transition to employment
  • Financial Counselling  – addressing low Aboriginal home ownership and family stability
  • PaCE (Parent & Community Engagement) – encouraging parents to engage in, and support their child’s education
  • Remote Area Governance –  building organisation/community sustainability
  • Dural Education Excellence Program – educational scholarships to access quality education
  • Driver Training and Support –  enabling employment through obtaining a drivers licence.
Topic: Education, Employment, Wunan