Aboriginal people succeeding through ability, opportunity and reward for effort


Wunan believes a good home, together with real work and a proper education for children are the key ingredients for Aboriginal people and families in our region to re-establish control over their lives and enjoy making real choices.

Wunan is committed to providing innovative, long-term solutions in education, training and employment for Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley by delivering services aimed at supporting people to transition directly into real jobs, return to formal education or get ‘school ready’. Importantly, education forms a key part of a broader strategy to create opportunities and the environment that allows Aboriginal people to build a future free of disadvantage. Wunan’s education portfolio creates innovative opportunities for young Aboriginal people by developing strategies, networks and partnerships that improve educational outcomes and enhances successful transitions for young Aboriginal people.

Kimberley Education Excellence Program

Applications for the 2018 scholarship program are NOW open! Closing date for applications is 15 November 2017.

Eligible students can currently be in school years 6, 7, 8 or 9. The majority of places are available at our three Perth homes.

The Kimberley Education Excellence Program (KEEP) scholarship programs provides students with the opportunity to receive a high quality education, enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities, live in a stable environment and get a chance to see what is possible in life.

Click here to download the application form to apply to KEEP today.

More information

KEEP is an innovative approach developed by Wunan to help young Aboriginal people from the Kimberley broaden their horizons and experience opportunities not available in their region.

The program offers students scholarships to high-performing schools in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. It is based on a model that involves a small group of students living together in a home setting with Aboriginal House Parents. This unique approach is built on the understanding that Aboriginal students do better while they are away at school if they feel connected to home and culture. In addition to school, KEEP strives to provide a well-rounded range of social, leisure and sporting experiences, as well as personal development support and pastoral care. The KEEP factsheet is available here.

Applications for the 2019 school year are open from 1 March 2018 to 31 July 2018.

Parent & Community Engagement (PaCE)

Since 2011, Wunan has delivered the PaCE Program in Kununurra through partnerships with local schools. PaCE provides support to Aboriginal parents and carers with children in Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Year 1. Evidence shows that when parents are actively involved in their child’s education, their child does better at school. PaCE help parents and carers develop relationships with the school and engage more in their child’s learning and development.

PaCE operates from a designated ‘Parent Room’ located on campus at Kununurra District High School. Essentially, the goal is to build and strengthen relationships between parents and teachers and to empower parents to make informed decisions relating to their child’s education. Parents are encouraged and supported to participate in group activities as well as individual sessions.

Sessions held between teaching staff, parents and the Educational Advocate who acted on behalf of the families have resulted in a better understanding of the role of the school and teachers and ultimately, an increase in parent confidence. PaCE Factsheet: School Education

Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY).

Wunan is proud to have been named host provider of the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY). HIPPY is an early childhood enrichment program that works with parents and carers of young children in their homes. Parents are supported by home tutors to help their preschool-age children develop their reading, writing and social skills, which helps them start school ready to learn.

Through the program, families gain confidence in their ability to nurture their child’s learning at home, school and beyond. HIPPY also aims to strengthen communities and provides training and employment opportunities for local people.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence, through HIPPY Australia, has been running the program in Australia since 1998.

You can find out more about the program on the HIPPY website: www.hippyaustralia.org.au or by contacting Wunan on (08) 9168 3881.
Download HIPPY Program Factsheet

Child & Parent Centres (Kununurra & Halls Creek)

Wunan manages the Child & Parent Centres (CPCs) in Kununurra & Halls Creek in partnership with the WA Department of Education.

Research shows that 90 per cent of a child’s brain develops by the age of three. So clearly the experiences children have during this time impact on their success at school and in later life. Child & Parent Centres support families as they begin to lay the foundations for their children’s development and learning habits.

The Kununurra & Halls Creek CPCs offer a range of activities for children and families, including:

  • Playgroups & school holiday programs
  • Health programs in partnership with local organisations
  • Pick up and drop off services
  • Cultural programs and performances
  • KindiLink in partnership with local schools

For more information, call Kununurra CPC on 9169 3184 or Halls Creek CPC on 9168 5122 or view our Factsheet – Early Childhood & Parenting

Regional Children’s Services Plan for the Kimberley

The project, funded by Royalties for Regions under the Regional Community Child Care Development Fund is an acknowledgement by Government of the challenges faced by organisations that provide education and care services for children in country areas including the impact of distance, isolation, limited funding and the reliance on community based management committees to manage these services. Wunan, aware from our work in the region of the issues that impact on the education and care services, looks to engage with the sector to develop a range strategies to address these challenges and deliver a more strategic, long term approach to supporting sustainable models of community managed education and care services in the Kimberley.
Kimberley Regional Children’s Services Plan 201504