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Aug 23 2012
The Halls Creek Children and Family Centre held their first playgroup on 30th July. The playgroup focused on encouraging children to actively make choices within the playgroup to create sense of autonomy and independence whilst working in collaboration with other children, educators and families. The children engaged in activities that encouraged them to respect, care and appreciate the natural environment. This was achieved through role modeling and peer modeling listening. Well done Halls Creek Children and Family Centre!   Read More.
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Aug 20 2012
How many kids to you know who want to invite their teachers home to meet their parents?  Well the kids at Burraluba Hostel do. The kids of Burraluba Hostel were so excited about finishing their invitations that when the Hostel Support Worker Carolyn came home from Billiluna in the evening, all the kids came across to talk to her about it and asking if she could help finish their invitations so that they could give them to their teachers the next day.  Carolyn said “They were so enthusiastic that it was impossible to turn them away”. The dinner was a huge success with teachers, parents and students all enjoying one of Burraluba’s famous Barbecue dinners.     Read More.
Jul 26 2012
Waringarri Radio (George J Hanna) along with Wunan will sponsor the Career/Multimedia competition for a further $500 on top of the $500 already being sponsored by Wunan’s Workforce Development Centre, making the prize money now $1,000. Waringarri Radio will also advertising the competition as part of their community announcements at no cost. Anyone under the age of 18 can participate in this competition whether as an individual or as a group.  The focus needs to be on a job, career, industry or work and entries need to be submitted by Friday 14 September 2012 to Workforce Development Centre at the CNR of Konkerrberry Drive and Messmate Way. Gook luck and get your entries in.       Read More.
Jun 26 2012
In 2011 Wunan, along with a range of partners, rolled out the Parent and Community Engagement (PaCE) Program.  The goal of PaCE is to work directly with families and community to increase school attendance, improve student outcomes and ensure stronger parental involvement in their child’s education.  To achieve this PaCE is designed and delivered in a way that increases knowledge of the educational process.    Read More.
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Jun 21 2012
Out of a pool of 1100 applicants who applied for funding from Charitable Trusts managed by Perpetual, only 166 were successful. Assessed against the parameters of strategy, outcomes, capability and leadership,  Wunan is the recipient of $80,000 to fund the Dural Excellence Program for the next 2 years.    Read More.
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Jun 5 2012
Dural Excellence ProgramDural Education Excellence Program is a 2 year Pilot designed to help Halls Creek young people explore their academic options by giving them access to a number of high profile schools in the Sydney suburb of Dural. Since commencing on 18 October 2011, the Dural Education Excellence Program (DEEP) has made a positive start, exceeding the expectations of all those involved with the Pilot Project.  Currently 10 students are now living in a boarding house with house parents Jamie and Tracey Elliot and their 3 children.   Read More.
Topic: Education