Wunan Wins New Emergency Relief Funding

28 February 2019

Wunan’s Financial Wellbeing and Housing Hub has secured new funding from the Department of Social Services that now enables us to provide Emergency Relief assistance free of charge to assist eligible clients in immediate need of support.

People in financial crisis, unable to pay their bills or at imminent risk of not being able to meet their financial obligations are able to receive Emergency relief support.

Considerable staff time has been invested in putting together the comprehensive, winning bid, and developing guidelines around the program so that it works as a capacity building initiative rather than a form of passive welfare.  The new service is inter-connected with existing Wunan services which focus on building self-reliance and helping people pay their bills and reduce the risk of returning to financial crisis situations in future.

Financial or material aid may take the form of vouchers for food and clothing, but also extends to other areas such as assistance with children’s education.  Staff have also reflected on how such a service can operate in ways that maintain the dignity of the individual and that of their families.

The service will require a referral from another agency and an initial interview by appointment with Wunan staff at the Hub.  Delivery Hours will be Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am to 1pm.  There will be no walk-ins.  These arrangements will enable us to target assistance towards those that need it the most and they will enable us to align the service with Wunan’s priorities.

Topic: Accommodation & Housing, Foundations, Living Change, Wunan