Wunan’s Quiet Achiever – Boast Post!

25 April 2019

Quiet Achiever ~ Wunan Driver Trainer Douglas Winton.

Doug is Wunan’s Driver Trainer and has had some great results in the first four months of 2019.

Since January this year, he has been very successful in assisting a number of Aboriginal people to address a number of barriers stopping them from gaining their licences, the barriers range from lack of access to paperwork such as appropriate identification and outstanding fines which may be preventing the application for a Driver’s Licence.

Doug provides all of his clients with support for each step of the application process, he demonstrates great empathy and understanding and supports people through each step, from the basics, which includes helping them get online to practice for their theory tests, as well as teaching road rules such as appropriate restraints for children in the vehicles through to the practical side of driving, and anything else they need to become confident and proficient road users.

Since January 2019, Doug has supported twelve Learner Drivers to acquire their Learner Permits, he has spent time with each of these learner drivers, offering them a place to practice their online theory tests, helping them to gain an understanding of the rules and addressing any other barriers they may have had in obtaining their licence.  In addition to these twelve learners, six have successfully gained their Provisional Licence, three have regained their C Class Licence and one has successfully obtained their Extraordinary Licence.   Comparing these results to the same time last year, only three people had accessed the service to obtain a licence, this shows that Doug is a respected and trusted mentor in the community.

Each time a client passes their test, Doug is excited and comes back to the Wunan office to boast to his ‘downstairs’ crewmates.  They believe he is one of Wunan’s quiet achievers and is making a significant difference in helping Aboriginal people to realise their potential and that this deserves more recognition on the great results he’s achieving for his clients.

Well, Doug, this is for you “Congratulations” from the Downstairs Crew.

Topic: Driver Training, Wunan