Wunan Job Services Australia have record month

7 February 2012

The results are out for November 2011 and Wunan Job Services Australia have recorded a record month of achievements for the Job Services Australia (JSA) team.

Throughout the month, 22 jobseekers reached the 13 week mark in employment (3 months) while a further nine reached 26 weeks (6 months). In addition, six completed education courses, with a further 13 clients starting education and 25 placed into employment.

2011 was a year of high productivity for the small but dedicated team of staff who have placed more than 240 clients into employment. Retention rates have also improved with further efforts being made to ensure as many jobseekers as possible are able to maintain their employment.

The JSA has also started delivering job readiness training and is working on innovative projects to increase the opportunities for clients throughout the region with the intended outcome being that many more will enter and sustain employment during 2012.

Topic: Employment