Wunan House Testimonial

22 June 2012

Wunan Foundation

Kununurra   WA  6743

 22nd May 2012-05-22



Hello my name is Gene Greddon I am employed and a apprentice with KGT as a Diesel Mechanical Fitter Argyle Diamond Mines Western Australia.

I would like to express my appreciation to Wunan and staff for the opportunity to having a stable, safe, affordable and family environment “home”. 

I have resided at Wunan House since December 2011. 

My previous living standard was up and down and I did not really have a place of independence as i was living with family or friends, in which at times it was overcrowded and financially supporting others so as I could have bed to sleep in to have some peace of mine for a short while whilst on my Rostered Days off.

Wunan House has given me the opportunity the ability and the responsibility to be independent, to remain in employment and training a sense of ownership of my life – being a part of the social structure of what life is about: – a job, continue to further my training to having a trade, financially supporting myself and my partner to achieve our goal: – live together to build on our relationship positively, to own our own home, to purchase the little material items in life that supports our wellbeing.

Once again i am proud to say thank you Wunan and i hope that others who see and hear of where i am today that they will give themselves a chance to have what i have today with/by Wunan’s full support, understanding of our young indigenous individuals within East Kimberley “hope”- Closing the Gap.

 I hope they take the opportunity to stay at Wunan House.

 Yours sincerely

 Gene Greddon

Topic: Accommodation & Housing