Wunan Governance & Leadership Program earns high ratings on annual evaluation

12 February 2020

The Wunan Governance and Leadership Program was evaluated in May 2019. Funded by the NIAA, National Indigenous Australians Agency (formerly PM&C), the Program was established in 2015 with the aim of improving governance, management and operations in participating Aboriginal organisations across the East Kimberley region. While similar programs have existed in the past, the Wunan Governance and Leadership Program is unique in its tailor-made approach to meet the needs of different organisations in remote locations.

The evaluation was carried out by Ninti One, an independent evaluator engaged by the NIAA to assess its program providers. Ninti One, a not-for-profit, independent national organisation focused on creating opportunities for the residents of remote Australia through research, innovation and community development, focused on key areas of the program to carry out its evaluation.

Since commencement, The Program has provided high quality support for governance within organisations across the East Kimberley and reported fewer ORIC regulation breaches and funding losses. In addition to delivering its services with cultural sensitivity, The Program is also able to respond fast to requests from organisations in unexpected crisis situations, even in some of the most remote parts of the East Kimberley region.

‘Our governance program is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. As residents in this unique part of Australia, we understand the unique problems encountered by local Aboriginal corporations and deliver tailor-made solutions to overcome them’, states Barry King, Manager of the Wunan Governance and Leadership Program. ‘While we work on improving governance in Aboriginal organisations, we also improve ourselves to enhance our service delivery’.

The Ninti One Review Team identified a number of strengths and opportunities for The Governance Program and Wunan Foundation as a whole. The report noted that The Program has the opportunity to expand the geographical reach of its services as well as to reach an even broader audience by making governance resources available online. Further opportunities such as regional networking, have also been identified.

In conclusion, the evaluation report deemed The Wunan Governance and Leadership Program as a success and encouraged its further continuation and development. Wunan is currently exploring the possibilities of strengthening The Program in the future.

Topic: Leadership