Wunan Day 2014

30 April 2014

WUNAN DAY 2014 saw the Board of Directors and staff of Wunan get together at the Kununurra Country Club. It was a time to remind ourselves of the vision of the organisation, our purpose, objectives and strategies.

All programs and businesses were reviewed, which reinforced the size and scope of the organisation. It also highlighted the skill and commitment of Wunan staff over a broad range of activities which directly impact the lives of Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley and beyond.

Wunan Day was also a time for Board Members and staff to get to know each other better and ensure we are all on the same page and with a common understanding of our roles and of the challenges ahead.

The Gap of Indigenous disadvantage is still wide and not closing fast enough; and while we may congratulate ourselves on the successes of the past year, much more remains to be done.

The day began with Chairman Ian Trust’s now famous “Swimming the River” diagram, which set the context for the day: Wunan is about helping those who want to help themselves, and reasserting Aboriginal responsibility.

It closed with a stirring speech from Programs and Partnerships Manager Natasha Short reminding us that we are all on the same bus, headed for the same destination – Aboriginal social and economic equality.

A great day and a pleasant evening around the pool to unwind afterwards.

Topic: Wunan