Wunan celebrates Gija Day in Warmun

10 September 2012

Up early on Thursday morning, Wunan staff set off to Warmun for the much anticipated Gija Day held on Thursday the 30th of September. It promised to be a day of celebration and it delivered; with entertainment such as spear throwing, boomerang throwing and Stockman’s race to name a few. The spear throwing competitions were very enjoyable and skilful (targets were paper mache’ kangaroo, emu, and snake), and there were many very good hits. This was followed by the boomerang throwing competition and the Stockman’s race with a Kimberley twist. The competitors had to wake up in their swag, drink their Nullajah (tea), eat their tin beef and do a series of things on the way to the finish line; including carrying their swag, tipping a bucket of water of their head (bogey), painting their faces, dressing in the nagah (loin cloth) and then finish up back in their swag. It was extremely entertaining!

During the day the Gija people did some silk screening, some tie dying and put on an awesome lunch of snags and salad. Stalls were also there offering bags and paper flowers that the kids had made. The highlight of the day was six little piggies that attracted lots of attention of all the kids. There were plans to grease and have the kids chase the piglets, however although there were a few escapees during the day, the main event did not occur while we were there. A corroboree and traditional feast of Wallaby and Emu was to follow that night. Congratulations to the Gija people for sharing this very special day with us and giving us a tiny insight into their culture and lifestyle in Warmun.

Topic: Education