WOW Factor Program

23 January 2012

The Wow Factor program was held on 8 and 9 November 2011. Young local Halls Creek Jobseekers attended. Two days of goal setting, makeup and deportment and communication with support from Kate (Hairdresser), Samantha (Makeup), Dale and Lucy and Nicole and participants were Raymeeka, Dina , Courtney , Nicole, Tianni and Roberta. Michelle Martin (Shire) and Andrew (Photographer) also assisted us.
Day 1 started with Uncle Eric picking the girls up for the course. We started talking about goals and setting goals. We traced around our hands and started making goals that we would be able to discuss tomorrow.
The Hand is a handy tool to use as there are 5 different goals and 5 main points in most peoples lives. The Hand is an asset and a tool that can explain a life story to those who wish to listen and help to guide us.
We spoke about professional and personal goals and then moved on to grooming, hair and makeup.
Most of the girls were shy at the start and weren’t sure about wearing makeup. But WOW, check out the photo shoot! All the girls were beautiful WOW models!
Lunch was provided, light salad and chicken/salami wrap and fruit platter to promote healthy living.
Day 2 – one of the staff started off with having a conversation with the girls about how she achieved her goals in life.
Then the girls wrote up what they wanted to achieve in life . We used the hand as 5 points/goals in their life. After deciding on the goals that they choose, we discussed how to achieve those goals
Michelle Martin from the Shire who is a local woman of Halls Creek spoke about her goals and how she achieved them, she explained how she is doing a uni degree in Community Development which she finds very interesting as that is one of her passion to help her people in the community. She also advised the girls that it was not hard to get into uni.
The girls were shy at first, but when we got into conversation they started to ask questions on jobs that are available around town and courses that are going at TAFE.
All the girls were interested and wanted to sign up in the Hospitality Taster course.
The photographer took some photos of the girls – WOW they were fantastic. Each girl was given a copy of their photoshoot to include in their portfolio. The girls resume were updated and certificate of attendance resented . Every girl participating received a grooming kit.
UPDATE: 4 of the participants continued with Hospitality Training and two may be employed in the very near future!

Topic: Employment