Aboriginal people succeeding through ability, opportunity and reward for effort

What We Do

Wunan Overview

Wunan’s purpose is to ensure that Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley enjoy the capabilities and opportunities necessary to make positive choices that lead to independent and fulfilling lives – essentially, to have dreams and a real chance of achieving them.

The East Kimberley enjoys burgeoning social and economic opportunities, but the challenges and barriers faced by Aboriginal people in sharing the benefits are daunting — particularly for children and young people.

At Wunan we are focused on using education, employment and accommodation to strengthen the capabilities of Aboriginal people and their families to unlock these choices and opportunities.

Our five strategic priority areas:

We believe that a number of important factors differentiate Wunan from many other Aboriginal organisations and have contributed to our sustainability and effectiveness:

  • A clear purpose and measurable goals
  • Strong organisational capacity and a consistent, long term focus
  • A stable board and corporate governance platform, including independent specialist expertise
  • Financial independence, allowing us to innovate and take informed risks, critical to finding local solutions
  • A strong reputation for practical outcomes
  • The ability to build practical linkages between activities, and coordinate services: reducing the risk of duplication.

The environment in which Wunan operates is complex and challenging, at a number of levels, but also dynamic, innovative and rich in potential for positive social change.

Looking Forward

Wunan is dedicated to building on our core competencies to ensure that our services continue to address the needs of Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley, and contribute to long term socio-economic solutions.