View from the Inside – Dural Excellence Program

10 March 2014

New house parent for 2014 –  Mat Taylor – gives us some insight into life within the Dural Excellence Program. He writes:

“The last 3 weeks have been full on. All the students have pretty well settled into the routine of school and their life here in Sydney.

“Several of the boys have been to tryouts for the AFL Adam Goodes Indigenous Talent Program where their football abilities were tested. All of the team was also involved in fire safety training here at the boarding facility.

“The other big thing was the filming of a promotional DVD about the Dural program which took place at the house and at the schools during the week. It was a big day for all of us with the film crew arriving at 6:30am and the kids were up and ready to go when they arrived.

“The feedback from the film crew was very positive. They were really impressed with how good all the students were throughout the day. We are looking forward to see how it all turns out.

“We have had a lot of interaction in the first few weeks with the parents of the children which we appreciate and definitely encourage. This communication definitely helps us to better keep on top of issues.”

To learn more about the Dural Excellence Program – please contact Michele Pucci – (08) 9168 3881.

Topic: Education