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Jun 30 2014

Transitional Housing wins another award! Given by the Institute of Public Administration Australia the award is for Best Practice in Collaboration Across Government. The award was granted to Wunan, Dept. of Housing and Community Housing Limited in the East Kimberley Development Package (EKDP) Transitional Housing Program.

The Institute of Public Administration Australia said of the program: “The East Kimberley Development Package (EKDP) Transitional Housing Program, developed in 2012 in consultation with The Wunan Foundation (Wunan), provides stable, affordable housing to motivated Aboriginal people to help develop independence and take a significant step towards creating personal wealth and achieving home ownership. Program participants must be engaged in employment or training, ensure children attend school regularly and participate in the associated support program. Across the State, Aboriginal student attendance rates are 77% and 68% for the Kimberley Region. Children participating in the Program have an average of 90% attendance since commencement. The labour force participation rate for Aboriginal people in Western Australia is approximately 51%. For the current reporting period, 100% of the participants are employed. To date, three participants have home loans approved with another six in progress. Quarterly reporting indicates that participants are engaging in the support services and the Program is progressing successfully.”

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