Spotlight on Wunan staff – Tammy Sovenyhazi

1 April 2013

Tammy joined the Living Change team as Design Lead in January 2012, having relocated from Cairns, Queensland with her family.  Prior to joining Wunan, Tammy was Registrar of the Family Responsibilities Commission, the cornerstone of the Noel Pearson-led Cape York Welfare Reforms.  Tammy brings the experience of leading (together with the Commissioner) the creation, implementation and operation of a unique, independent statutory authority, led by local Indigenous Elders, that was established to restore the social and cultural fabric of four discreet Indigenous communities in Cape York, Queensland.

Tammy’s passion for working with Indigenous people started in the late 1990s when working in Magistrates Courts across Queensland, a job that brought her into contact with many disadvantaged groups and over-represented Indigenous offenders in the justice system.  In that role, Tammy helped develop and implement social justice initiatives such as the Queensland Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment program and Queensland Indigenous Alcohol Diversion program, both which aimed to address causal factors of criminal behaviour and reduce recidivism.  Her work included supporting community justice groups and the Murri and Drug Courts, where the focus was on Indigenous offenders.

The transition to life in the East Kimberley for Tammy and her family has been an easy one due to the very warm and friendly locals, spectacular scenery and relaxing lifestyle! She hopes to be here for a number of years and in particular to see the full implementation and operation of the Living Change model.

Topic: Living Change, Wunan