Stunning Designs, Local Talent

28 September 2016

Jesse with bedrunner and cushion ORANGE_500x213

Indigenous jobseekers from East Kimberley Job Pathways were recently commissioned by Wunan Foundation’s bed & breakfast facility, Wunan House B&B, to make some beautiful hand-printed bed linen.

Djaru woman, Jessinta Mosquito, from Halls Creek did some stunning block printing, inspired by the Sturt’s Desert Pea, as part of her job activity requirement. Set against a bright orange fabric, her design adds vibrant splashes of colour to the guest rooms.

Jessinta says she is proud of her designs and very happy that other people love them too.

“I am proud to see my designs and sewn goods being used in the guest rooms at Wunan House B&B and I now have customers lining up!” Jessinta said.

When the story of Jessinta’s designs was posted on Wunan Foundation’s Facebook page, it took off – with more than 15 000 views across Australia with many asking where similar items could be purchased.

Not only does the locally produced linen celebrate the Aboriginal ownership of Wunan House B&B, it also provided opportunities for local Indigenous jobseekers to showcase their talent. Many of them are now lining up to make more fabrics for Wunan House B&B.

Topic: Employment