Staff Spotlight: Cameron Elliot

11 December 2013

“I was born and raised in Melbourne’s western suburbs. I left Melbourne in 1993 having completed an Electrical apprenticeship and ended up in Kununurra via Nth Queensland in 1995. I hitchhiked to Kununurra from Cairns with my dog Wally and my very last lift was sitting on top of 2 tonne of frozen donkey meat on the back of a truck from Timber Creek!

Soon after arriving in Kununurra I joined the Demons Football club which enabled me to meet new people and then get to know more about the town and the region. Having had a variety of good jobs I then found myself with a wife, kids and a mortgage and to this day I still have a part of that (house and kid).

I have also been fortunate that through sport, friendships, Norforce and employment I have been closely involved with many Aboriginal people of the East Kimberley region. I was employed with Kimberley Group Training for 2 years as a Field Officer and now with Wunan for over 7 years. My roles with Wunan have been an Employment Advisor, Apprentice Supervisor and Workforce Development Centre Officer doing Career Development. Working with Wunan has and still gives me the opportunity to directly be involved with the way we want our East Kimberley communities to take shape for our children and generations to follow.

If I could have 1 wish it would be equality for all people worldwide. (And Geelong to win the 2014 flag)”

Topic: Wunan