Spotlight on Staff- Elizabeth “Liz” Boyd

23 June 2017

Liz Boyd hails from Perth and is a Whadjuk Wiiman woman of the Noongar nation. She is the HIPPY Coordinator (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters) and provides opportunity for parents to become involved with their kids learning at home.
Liz grew up in Perth’s southern suburbs and at age 30 went on a journey to find her natural parents.

“I met my mother who is English and my three half sisters, and at 49 met my father who was born in Katanning and has two daughters and a son. I am still on the journey of finding my father and grandmother’s mob, so that I can meet my family.”

Although leaving her children, grandchildren and family in Perth after 52 years has been one of the hardest things she’s done. It’s evident that Liz is passionate about her family and enthusiastic about helping local families engage with their children’s education. As the HIPPY Coordinator shows parents how to get their kids “school ready” by activities and games that can be done anywhere and any time.

“I love teaching; mentoring and helping people learn new things. My role at Wunan allows me to become involved with everyone who wants to help their kids and I can see the improvement in the HIPPY kids as the weeks go by. Everyone who is undertaking HIPPY is doing a fantastic job being their kid’s first teacher.”

Liz hopes to make a home in Kununurra and continue in her role as HIPPY Coordinator, being able to help families with young children.

Topic: Employment