Spotlight on Wunan Staff: Rowena Alexander, Regional Director of Jawun

8 December 2014

Mother of three, I’ve lived in Kununurra most of my life and also spent time in the West Kimberley and other parts of Australia growing up. I’m Gooniyandi from my Mother’s side and Ngarringman from my maternal Grandfather’s side with lots of family in Victoria. My family is quite multicultural with both Philippine and Javanese brothers and sister. I’ve been with Jawun for around three months as Regional Director and I’m thoroughly enjoying the role.
My role involves working with Jawun’s corporate and government partners to assist local Aboriginal organisations to increase capacity and capabilities. Jawun’s placed-based approach sees partners ‘second’ or ‘lend’ some of their best people to the East Kimberley to work on projects for six weeks at a time.

My role is rewarding and I love that I get to work with the Wunan team and meet lots of new people from different backgrounds, who are really excited about working in and contributing to the East Kimberley.
My interests are spending time with my family and friends, gardening and volunteering. I’m looking forward to seeing the New Year in with some more exciting projects and opportunities.

Topic: Wunan