Spotlight On Wunan Staff – Pauline Manning

13 December 2012

My name is Pauline Manning and I am a Djaru woman. I was born at Moola Bulla station just out of Halls Creek. When Moola Bulla closed down as a settlement in the 50’s I, together with my family and many others went to live at Fitzroy Crossing.

I spent my early years at Fitzroy and had 4 years of high school at Derby, and 18 months training as an enrolled nurse. I was one of the first  Aboriginal girls that graduated from the Derby Regional Hospital as a trained enrolled nurse.

I then spent 2 years working at a hospital in Victor Harbour South Australia. I came back to Halls Creek in 1975 where I married my husband Bill and lived for 8yrs before coming to live in Kununurra. I have lived here in Kununurra for close on 30 years. From my first employment on the mission at Fitzroy, I have always worked with and enjoyed people. Most of my working life has been working in the health sector, the last 16 years being with the Health Department in Kununurra and prior to beginning work at Wunan, I was employed with Kimberley Aged Care Services as respite coordinator for the East Kimberley.  I have 4 beautiful children and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

Since June I have been a part of the Transitional Housing Team and as part of my role I have conducted initial interviews, work checks and school checks with over 80 applicants. I have watched many East Kimberly families progress through financial interviews with Cherie McAdam to finally securing their new home. It is with great pride I look up at the now 32 photos of our tenants and see how well they are adapting to their new homes .We have had our first IBA housing loan application accepted and I am very excited to see so many working with us to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to own their own home. I am particularly passionate about this program as I know from personal experience the security owning your own home brings you and your family. As a Djaru woman I am very proud to be part of this program and the Wunan team.

Topic: Foundations