Spotlight on Wunan Staff – Doreen Hart

27 June 2013

“I want to spread the word that leadership is essential for us to take control of our lives and that good leaders take advice.”

Doreen Hart joined Wunan as Community Development Officer for Living Change in Halls Creek on 17 April 2013. Doreen is a Binthi/Bulcan woman from the Cape York community of Hope Vale. Doreen comes from a big family, with four older brothers and three sisters, although she lost her eldest sister six years ago. Doreen has four grown children, ten grandchildren and a large extended family. Her youngest sister, two nieces and one of her grand daughters are living with her in Halls Creek.

Doreen has over twenty years experience in community engagement, including in the areas of employment, enterprise development, health and housing. One of her career highlights was being appointed by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh in July 2008 as a Commissioner of the Queensland Family Responsibilities Commission (FRC).

The FRC is a partnership between four Cape York communities, the Queensland and Australian Governments and the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership. For the past five years in those communities, the FRC has sought to restore socially responsible behaviour and assist community members to resume and maintain primary responsibility for individual and community well-being.

It is Doreen’s experience as a Commissioner that she hopes to apply as part of the Living Change team. In her role at Wunan, Doreen will work closely with Tammy Sovenyhazi and David Cox to engage local organisations and agencies in the on-going development of, and identify local initiatives that would complement, Living Change in Halls Creek.

Doreen has a wealth of knowledge and held numerous leadership roles. She emphasises the key role that leaders can play in Aboriginal communities and believes that it is essential that more community members develop good leadership skills. She is also keen to point out the necessity of life-long learning, noting that she is always looking to develop new skills and experiences, and learn from others.

Topic: Living Change, Wunan