Spotlight on Wunan Staff- Andris Strautins

15 July 2014

Meet Andris, our driver licencing facilitator in our Driver Licence Program. Andris assists people navigate towards a driver’s licence by providing assistance with the required steps it takes to gain their licence. Steering the program through its pilot year, Andris is very proud of what he has achieved and finds his role extremely rewarding. “I don’t have days where I wake up and ire the thought of going to work- I enjoy it and look forward to what the day might bring.”

Helping people in the world of transport has been a passion of Andris’ for a long time, once working with Curtin University as an automotive lecturer delivering the Rebuilding Automobiles Challenge for Esperance Youth (RACEY) program where he was nominated for a Premier’s Award. He’s particularly passionate about working with Indigenous people and understands the challenge many face in trying to gain their licence but also knows how uplifting and empowering it is to achieve such a life skill.

Topic: Wunan