Social Compass Sent to Hospital

23 June 2016

Wunan’s social research and evaluation enterprise, Social Compass, has been sent to hospital by the the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). The company has been commissioned to visit hospitals around the state to review the efforts they are making to improve cultural safety for Aboriginal patients.

Social Compass researchers are in the process of visiting seven case-study sites in Melbourne and regional Victoria to collect stories and interview hospital staff. The inclusion of the voices of Aboriginal patients and community members is a unique feature of this important research project.

Aboriginal Research and Evaluation Consultant, Nathan Leitch, says “while the research is still underway, it appears that hospitals that provide culturally safe care for Aboriginal people need to have a welcoming environment, committed leadership, relationships of trust with local communities, and staff that understand the particular needs of Aboriginal patients, families and communities.”

“We have collected some excellent examples of best practice in the care of Aboriginal patients and families. The healing space at Mildura Base Hospital was certainly a highlight – this is a highly valued, beautiful and culturally safe place for Aboriginal patients and family members to retreat to during short or long stays in hospital,” Mr Leitch said.

The Final Report will be delivered to DHHS in late August and will assist health services across Victoria to improve patient care for Aboriginal people.

Topic: Wunan