Salia and Gene – Working towards their future with help from Wunan House

14 April 2012

Salia Tate Banks:-

Salia is originally from Halls Creek and has been employed with Liquor Land since 12 December 2011 and has recently been given the opportunity to undertake training in assistant management. 

This is a fantastic achievement for a 21 year old to further her career and provides opportunity to transfer to other regions and other departments within the Coles Myer Group.

Gene Greddon:-

Gene is a second year diesel mechanical fitter with Argyle Diamond Mine and resides at Wunan  House when off shift.  Gene grew up in Kununurra and has made a personal commitment to gain a trade and make positive life decisions towards his future.

Gene spent 18 months with family friends Roy and Helen Wilson , who operate Burkes Park in Halls Creek.  Here he learned a variety of skills such as fencing, and basic mechanical skills.  Roy was approached by Ray Chamberlain who was then the Indigenous Mentor for Argyle Diamond Mine and asked if he could recommend any young lads who would be interested in taking on a traineeships at which point Roy suggested Gene who has since never looked back.

Gene loves his work with the mine and together with Salia have recently purchased a 2002 Hilux dual cab of which they are both very proud. 

Gene and Salia have applied to be considered for Transitional Housing in Kununurra.  They would ultimately like to purchase their own home and their pathways towards this goal are very strong and focussed.

Topic: Accommodation & Housing, Education, Employment