Remote Jobs and Communities Program Joint Venture

27 May 2013

Wunan is pleased to announce that the RJCP contract for the East Kimberley has been awarded to a joint venture, formed between Wunan and East Kimberley CDEP. This is a good outcome for Wunan, our staff and particularly the Aboriginal community of the East Kimberley. Employment is central to our strategy for change; and this new venture will not only ensure we continue to deliver positive outcomes in this area, but significantly expand the scope and reach of activity.

The new organisation, named East Kimberley Job Pathways, will be active in, and working with communities throughout the East Kimberley; maximising opportunities for job seekers and coordinating activities. With a start date of  Monday 1 July 2013 there is a lot of work to be done, with many details to be resolved and set in motion. However we are confident that we’ll be ready and are committed to providing a service that benefits the whole East Kimberley community. Our aim is to deliver real job outcomes and break the cycle of welfare dependency.

Topic: Employment