Opening of Transitional Housing in Kununurra

30 September 2013

The Hon Gary Gray OA, MP Officially Opens Transitional Housing Program!

During his visit to Kununurra on Wednesday 23 August, The Hon Gary Gray OA, MP took time out of his busy schedule to formerly open the Kununurra Transitional Housing project.

During his speech, Minister Gray congratulated and commended the hard work of Wunan,  Community Housing Limited, and the WA Department of Housing; partners in the project.  He also highlighted how important it is that organisations such as Wunan continue to develop and push for innovative projects such as Transitional Housing as these projects are integral to closing the gap of Indigenous disadvantage.

As a part of the National Partnership Agreement on the East Kimberley Development Package, the Commonwealth Government provided funding to the State Government for   40 transitional homes in Kununurra.  Whilst Community Housing Limited is responsible for the tenancy management,  Wunan’s Transitional Housing team support tenants to uphold their responsibilities around the home, employment, money management  and school attendance for kids, and  assist tenants to obtain their ultimate objective of home ownership.

Currently, there are 39 families living in Transitional Housing.  The model has achieved great results in its first year with tenants working hard towards their goals of financial independence and creating choices about their future. This success has been noted and there are plans to expand Transitional Housing into the West Kimberley.

Topic: Accommodation & Housing