Wunan’s new enterprise assisting other Aboriginal Organisations

27 September 2012

Kimberley Business Support (KBS) is Wunan’s new enterprise through which we hope to assist other Aboriginal organisations develop. Many such organisations are small, and while delivering effective services, have limited internal capacity to handle administrative requirements such as accounting and payroll, and insufficient know-how to develop grant applications. Wunan has built a solid infrastructure of skilled people which can be leveraged across other businesses to allow them to do what they are good at and take away the worry and complexity of the “back office”. In doing so we aim to help them build their own capabilities and most importantly, sustainability.

While there is much focus on the mining industry, Aboriginal employment will be driven equally by small, entrepreneurial businesses and service providers and it is these we seek to support through KBS. KBS currently has 3 customers. To enable KBS to establish itself and better assist its clientele, Wunan has been awarded Social Enterprise Funding of $15,000 by the Western Australian Government.

KBS is managed by David Selvendra who may be contacted on 08 9168 3881 or david.selvendra@wunan.org.au.

Topic: Education, Employment