Living Change Enters an Exciting New Phase

31 January 2012

Wunan is moving into an exciting new phase of its Living Change initiative. {see living change fact sheet}

Over the past twelve months, Wunan has been developing an overall framework for Living Change and seeking community and government support for concept of rebuilding social responsibility and local authority. With the arrival of three new staff members, Wunan is now focusing its efforts on how Living Change could be trialled in Halls Creek.

Tammy Sovenyhazi joins Wunan from the Families Responsibilities Commission in Cairns, Queensland, where she was the Registrar. Tammy brings a wealth of experience in the operation of the Cape York welfare reform trials, and will strengthen the relationship between Wunan and the ground-breaking, Noel Pearson-led Cape York institutions. She will be responsible for the recommendations that Wunan will put to government in mid-2012 on the implementation of Living Change in Halls Creek.

Emma Carlin joins Wunan from the Banyule Community Health Service in West Heidelberg, Victoria, where she was a community development worker. Emma has previously worked in several Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. She will lead Wunan’s engagement with the Halls Creek community to seek input into and feedback on the design of Living Change, and build support for the initiative.

Vincent Skeen is a Halls Creek local and has previously worked for the Halls Creek Alcohol Centre and Ngoonjuwah Aboriginal Council. Vincent is a respected and well-connected member of the Halls Creek community, and is a co-founder of the local men’s group. Vincent will work closely with Emma to ensure that the Living Change engagement process in Halls Creek is both comprehensive and effective. Vincent is conversant in Jaru and Kriol.

Living Change manager Paul Isaachsen says that the arrival of Tammy, Emma and Vincent will build momentum for Living Change in Halls Creek. “While Wunan has had good, early conversations with community members on the ideas behind Living Change, we will now be able to talk to people about specific proposals. Those conversations will be critical to designing an initiative that can sustainably address some of the community’s pressing concerns and help rebuild community pride.”

Coming up: Look out for a post on how the Living Change team is working with the Warmun council on embedding positive social norms in that community.

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