Aboriginal people succeeding through ability, opportunity and reward for effort


Wunan believes a good home, together with real work and a proper education for children are the key ingredients for Aboriginal people and families in our region to re-establish control over their lives and enjoy making real choices.

Wunan Foundations“We set up Wunan Foundation to succeed and counter the widespread perception that Indigenous organisations only ever last for a short while before they eventually fail.”
Ian Trust – Founding Chairperson, Wunan Foundation


Wunan believes that strengthening the leadership and organisational capacity of Indigenous organisations is critical to improving the health, wellbeing and prosperity of Aboriginal communities. Leadership, capacity and governance have, for many years, been a focus of Aboriginal community development organisations and of governments.

Unfortunately, many Aboriginal organisations that were established to address issues and challenges within Aboriginal communities have struggled with leadership, capacity and governance themselves. This undermines Aboriginal empowerment and prevents sustainable change.

Governance & Capacity Program

The Federal Government has provided funding to Wunan Foundation to deliver a Capacity & Governance Program, as part of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS).  The purpose of the program is to support Indigenous organisations to strengthen their leadership, capacity and governance.

Unfortunately, previous initiatives to address poor governance have been unsuccessful because they have been based on a ‘one-size fits all’ approach that has been unable to offer customised local solutions or respond to identified needs. With strong operational and sustainable performance structures in place, Aboriginal organisations can drive reform and be part of developing lasting solutions to the challenges faced by Aboriginal communities.

Wunan provides Indigenous organisations that wish to take part in the program with tailor-made solutions in a range of areas, including:

  • Financial management
  • Reporting and risk management
  • Grant application & reporting support
  • Development of operational manuals
  • Broader support programs, as required
  • A robust Governance and Leadership Program

For more information please contact Barry King on 0458 650 002 or Barry.King@wunan.org.au