Aboriginal people succeeding through ability, opportunity and reward for effort


East Kimberley Aboriginal
Achievement Awards (EKAAAs)
The East Kimberley Aboriginal Achievement Awards were devised by Wunan to celebrate Indigenous achievement across the East Kimberley Region. By showcasing and the many outstanding individuals and organisations within the Aboriginal community, the EKAAAs aim to build positive role models and promote greater awareness and understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Jawun Partnership
Jawun works to form mutually beneficial partnerships between corporate and Indigenous Australia. Established ten years ago, Jawun now includes over 750 secondees and some of Australia’s biggest companies. By identifying priority projects, establishing and sourcing suitable resources and providing the necessary support, Jawun’s partnerships enable the change needed to improve the lives of Indigenous people.

OChRE/Duke of Edinburgh
Wunan is a Registered Licensed Operator of this internationally recognised Award for young people. The Award enables our young people to take full advantage of the diverse opportunities offered by the Organisation. The Award is designed to be an individual challenge based on the unique interests of each participant in the areas of Physical Recreation, Skill, Volunteering and Journey.