Journey to Empowerment Commitment Ceremony

19 October 2022

The ‘North Star’ 

‘In everything we do we will empower participants to lead the change they want and need to make in their own lives.’ 

On Tuesday 11th of October, Wunan Foundation hosted a special Commitment Ceremony for participants taking part in Wunan’s Journey to Empowerment program. 

The program is an initiative aimed at supporting individuals and families to break the cycle of welfare dependency, empowering them to lead the change they want and need to make in their own lives. 

The formal sign-on ceremony involved each participant signing a Letter of Commitment to the initiative, with Mr Ian Trust, AO co-signing on behalf of Wunan Foundation.

“This program aims to support personal change. We will support individuals to lead changes in their own lives. We’re asking people to choose themselves, and their families first, and to step forward and give this a go,” Ian Trust, AO, Wunan Foundation. 

It was a significant and meaningful event, with participants pledging their support of one another, and signified Wunan’s commitment to a partnership with participants leading change in their own lives. 

The program will see participants move from welfare dependency to establishing freedom and independence for themselves and their families by accessing training and job opportunities, cultural mentorship and support with physical and mental health. 

Participants will be paid for employment at Wunan Foundation, within various enterprises, and will be encouraged to elect funds saved in this way toward achieving 6-month and 12-month goals. The program method of payment is designed to encourage financial management, and underscore the notion of working towards objectives over time. 

Wunan Foundation is passionate about supporting strategies for Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley to successfully take part in mainstream economic life, while still maintaining their unique cultural identities. 

The funding is part of the 30 million dollar Jobs Fund and Job Ready initiative to strengthen local support services in Cashless Debit Card communities. 

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