Aboriginal people succeeding through ability, opportunity and reward for effort

Social Compass

Based in Melbourne, Social Compass is a highly regarded social research company providing robust research and program evaluations for organisations across government, business, university and community sectors.

A considerable body of work has been conducted in the Indigenous space, including that previously commissioned by Wunan; a FIFO feasibility study and Real Jobs II examining employment demand in the East Kimberley.
Their approach is designed to inform future policy and practice for organisations committed to building stronger communities and promoting social inclusion.

Acquiring Social Compass provides Wunan the opportunity to focus its area of research more directly on issues impacting the Aboriginal community and develop a stronger role around Indigenous disadvantage and our ability to inform future policy and practice. We equally see the need to evaluate our own activities, particularly Living Change, to substantiate program design and outcomes: very necessary in the further development of effective programs and funding partnerships.

A strong research agenda, combined with Wunan’s existing strengths will enhance our position in Thought Leadership through which we can further contribute to the development of stronger communities and social inclusion.

To find out more about Social Compass, please visit http://www.socialcompass.com/

Social Compass has developed a strong portfolio of clients across sectors to provide:

  • Indigenous program consultation, research and evaluation

  • Research and design of best practice Indigenous relations programs

  • Research and evaluation in the fields of education and employment

  • Design and development of effective community / stakeholder engagement approaches and programs

  • Research, development, implementation and evaluation of community engagement best practice models and partnerships

  • Evaluation frameworks and tools for measuring program outcomes and impacts on communities and stakeholders

  • Due diligence/feasibility studies for the Indigenous sector

  • Development of Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP)

  • Development of partnership programs and partnership brokerage