Indigenous First Home Buyers’ Expo

12 December 2016

Many local Indigenous people who attended Wunan’s Indigenous First Home Buyers’ Expo recently arrived feeling uncertain about how they might take the step into home ownership, but left feeling confident that it was possible for them.

Inspirational presentations from two Indigenous home buyers and senior Wunan staff, along with a range of information stalls, helped open people’s eyes to the range of programs and services that are available to help.

Natasha Short, Wunan’s General Manager Programs & Indigenous Leadership, said this is why the Expo was held.

“We really wanted to show people that it is possible and that there is support here for them as they embark on the journey,” Natasha said.

“Many Indigenous people think buying a home is beyond their reach. Often they haven’t experienced home ownership in their own families, so they’ve never considered that it could be an option for them,” Natasha said.

“I tell them that it is possible and, in many cases, they will end up paying less per week on their own mortgage than they are currently spending to pay off someone else’s in a rental property.”

Wunan’s housing and financial capability programs help local Indigenous people negotiate the sometimes complex road to home ownership by supporting them every step of the way.

Topic: Accommodation & Housing, Wunan