‘I am blessed’ says Transitional Housing tenant

1 October 2015

Wunan’s Transitional Housing team spent three days in the town signing up the participants and  beginning to build relationships with them as part of Wunan’s provision of wrap-around support services.

According to the team, there was a real buzz of excitement in Halls Creek on the day tenants moved in, with one moved to say “I am blessed” as she entered her new home.

Transitional Housing Support Officer, Tracy Richards, said “It was brilliant to be there working with these fantastic people. I felt so proud to be a little part of their journey towards financial independence and home ownership.”

The construction of the first fifteen Transitional Houses in Halls Creek was made possible through a partnership between the Kimberley Development Commission (KDC), the Halls Creek Housing group and the Department of Housing (DoH). The KDC facilitated the project and Royalties for Regions funding, DoH provided the land and constructed the housing, and the Aboriginal Housing Group provided important local input.

Wunan’s Transitional Housing Program now has 55 houses tenanted across Kununurra and Halls Creek.

Topic: Accommodation & Housing