Halls Creek Youth Hub

28 February 2019

The Halls Creek Youth Hub has been running for a few months without any specific funding attached to it. The Wunan team in Halls Creek noticed the community was in need of a youth hub as there are issues around young people being street present. There is a lot of opportunity for the Youth Hub to grow as it is a new program and other stakeholders are looking forward to working with us. It is exciting news that the program has secured funding for 2 years.

Currently, the Youth Hub operates Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights giving the young people a safe space to come and engage in activities such as movies, snooker, ping pong and basketball. As funding has been secured we look to further develop the activities that take place at the Youth Hub, to incorporate a number of life skills and build positive relationships with the young people.

We look forward to creating an inclusive program that addresses the needs of the community and the young people that attend the program. We are currently averaging 50-60 young people a night and hope that this high attendance continues and grows as the program develops. I myself have worked at Youth Hubs in Western Sydney and Kununurra, and now look to use my knowledge to build a successful Youth Hub here in Halls Creek.

Excited for the future

Jonathon Nicholas

Youth Hub Co-ordinator Halls Creek

Topic: Wunan, Youth