Halls Creek CPC Remote Opshop goes Live

11 December 2019

The Halls Creek Child and Parent Centre (CPC) has gone live with the Remote Opshop Project. This is a new initiative driven by the parents of the CPC, with the aim of generating independent funding for everyday necessities at the centre as well as to provide their families with clothing and shoes.

The Remote Opshop Project provides support to remote Aboriginal communities across Australia by generating independent funding that can be used to address a myriad of local community needs. The initiative to reduce waste and to promote reusing allows remote communities to make the most of the limited resources they have. With an online network which connects donors with community groups, the costs of overheads, infrastructure, administration and transportation are reduced.

At this starting stage, the Halls Creek CPC will not have a physical store but will be holding sales when they have accumulated enough donations. The remoteness of Halls Creek makes it difficult for resident families to purchase good quality clothing at reasonable prices locally or to shop online. The sales are aimed to not only allow families to buy good quality clothes but also to improve attendance of local families at CPC sessions.

The Halls Creek CPC is currently in the process of accepting donations within the East Kimberley region and beyond. Clothing, shoes and other pre-loved items are being collected at the Blackheath Remote Opshop Project by Giselle Brogan, a primary-school student at Blackheath Public School, in the Upper Blue Mountains. Financial donations are also accepted through the web page to support freight and postage costs.

If you are residing in the East Kimberley region, please contact the Halls Creek CPC to organise your donations.

Halls Creek Child and Parent Centre– PO Box 114 Halls Creek WA 6770 or/ Lot 571 Duncan Highway and Thomas Road, Halls Creek
Phone – (08) 9168 5122
Email – Coordinator.CPCHC@wunan.org.au

If you wish to support the Blackheath Opshop Project, please click here to visit the Remote Opshop website.

Topic: Education, Living Change