East Kimberley Indigenous Women’s Leadership Development Plan

10 May 2019

Wunan was successful in securing a grant through the Building Better Regions Funding to produce a Five-Year Strategic Plan on increasing Indigenous Female Leadership in the East Kimberley.

A two-day camp was held recently at Lake Argyle to discuss the barriers and deterrents resulting in women not occupying leadership roles in their community more frequently. Roles such as CEO positions, Board positions and business owner aspirations could potentially offer great benefits to the East Kimberley region if current barriers are addressed and women given the appropriate support required to see positive changes happen within Indigenous communities, through the empowerment and acknowledgement of the value of women’s perspective and experiences and their ability to influence positive change.

Wunan engaged Natasha Short of Kimberley (Birds) Jiyigas to lead the project which was supported by six East Kimberley Indigenous women attending the camp to offer their valuable personal insights and thoughts on how this important change could be enabled.

The Indigenous women selected to attend the camp were chosen for their leadership qualities and ability to contribute richly to the project and its outcomes. The report and its recommendations will be offered to prospective providers who may wish to implement all or part of the final plan

Topic: Leadership, Wunan