East Kimberley Development Package Transitional Housing-Kununurra

28 March 2012

Wunan, in a joint venture partnership with Community Housing Limited (CHL) have been selected as the preferred contractor by the West Australian Department of Housing for the East Kimberley Development Package Transitional Housing program in Kununurra. This program has come from the desperate need for affordable housing in Kununurra for Aboriginal families. This is not social housing, rather 40 transitional houses with the outcome being to see these families transition over a 2 year period into home ownership. Families will have the opportunity to purchase the house that they are renting therefore creating a solid reason and opportunity for the care and upkeep of their home.

CHL will manage the tenancy and maintenance of these 40 properties. The point of difference of this program is the ‘wrap around’ support that Wunan will be providing to aboriginal families that meet the strict criteria of:
• Tenant must be in work , training or completing an apprenticeship
• Children are attending school regularly
• Commitment to work with the support program

Families that have taken the step into continuous work and made the commitment to educate their children will work with Wunan support officers on a personalised goals plan, identifying strengths & gaps and building a network of specialised local agencies for referrals. All families will work with a Wunan Indigenous Money Mentor (IMM) on budgeting and savings. The Wunan IMM will be experienced in money management and be trained and supported by National Australia Bank. The IMM will be working closely with families through home finance options and applications.

The wrap around support is individualised and ‘all size’ fits all is not our approach. Different levels of support will be required for each family with the emphasis being on ‘hand up’ and not ‘hand out’ and with support gradually reducing as families become empowered and move towards successful role models and part of the Kununurra broader community.

This is a very exciting new program for Wunan and further extends the successful implementation of the Wunan transitional housing model beyond Wunan stepping stone housing and the operating model of Wunan House and Burraluba Halls Creek workers hostel.

Topic: Accommodation & Housing